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The Devil’s Food Dictionary and Field Guide to the Irish Music Session are available from your favorite booksellers, both brick-and-mortar and online. OR, residents of the United States can purchase them here—WITH FREE SHIPPING—using the PayPal buttons below. (To my friends in Canada, land of my birth, I regret to say that postage costs now make it impossible to provide free shipping, and I haven’t the heart to add the postage to the purchase price. Please look for my books at your local bookseller or an online dealer such as Sorry!) 

Buy The Devil’s Food Dictionary

Buy Field Guide to the Irish

       Music Session

Thanks for your interest in Barry Foy’s devilishly clever and creative books. To contact Barry Foy/Frogchart Press, email 5ask 4frog 3chart@ 2yahoo1. com 

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See you at the session!

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