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Field Guide to the Irish Music Session:

A Guide to Enjoying Irish Traditional Music

in Its Natural Habitat

Field Guide to the Irish Music Session, the only book devoted entirely to the etiquette and dynamics of the traditional Irish music seisiún, was originally published in 1999 by Roberts Rinehart Publishers. Frogchart Press was delighted to reissue it in 2009.


With a winning combination of humor and seriousness, Field Guide addresses virtually every session-related issue and situation, offering information and insights of value to both listeners and prospective participants.

Fans of the original edition will be pleased to know that, apart from an added preface and a new binding (now in paperback, to fit nicely into an instrument case), the book has not been altered in any way. Imagine—something about Irish music that hasn’t changed since 1999!



BREAKING NEWS: Field Guide to the Irish Music Session is now available in JAPANESE

from Artes Publishing in Tokyo! Learn about it HERE



Field Guide to the Irish Music Session

by Barry Foy, illustrations by Rob Adams

Frogchart Press, 2009, paperback, 100 pages, price $9.95

ISBN 978-0-9817590-1-2



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